Blue and Gray

by on Sunday, July 14, 2013

Never know these two colors will be so good to each other.
I wore this outfit to go to work few days ago. I know we're not allowed to wear a t-shirt,
because it's Indonesia, and somehow doctors in Indonesia is not allowed to wear a t-shirt for work.
But I don't care.
It's just so chic, besides I'm wearing a white coat so it didn't look "too inappropiate" in a work setting.
It's good to start taking pictures and start doing this blog again.
I feel more alive!!!


The Incredible Hulk

by on Sunday, June 2, 2013

So, all this time, I've been hiding. Hiding in...i don't know, my comfort zone, with comforting people I guess.
But recently I feel like I start to loose everything, my family, my friends, my special ones. I know they're still there for me, with their open arms and all, ready for me once I want to go back to them.
But, I don't know what I want. I suddenly lost all my interest and that's why I think I have to start writing this blog again.
Sometimes I feel angry all the time. And after that I'll get depressed. And I know I have to do something, maybe talk to someone about it.
I guess I'm worried about a lot of things that's happening now in my life,
those fears of me. 
Like what should I do after I finish my internship? Should I take dermatology like everyone suggest me to do and because it's probably the best choice for me because the stress and the work burden is very suitable for girls? Or should I follow what I want, which is taking ObGyn, which will probably I'll regret it later because the working time and the moral stress of it is probably will be too much for me to handle?
And should I really take the MCAT test so I can get to Singapore, but that means I waste a lot of time by just trying to pass the test which I don't think I can get through?
What if I already done everything and sacrifice everything then this relationship is not working in the future? And I have to go back to my parents and admit it to my mom that I loose?
What if the awkwardness feeling between me and my sisters is getting worse and the gap getting even bigger?
What if my friends in the future will only be one person because I hate everyone else?What if until I finish this internship I still can't be friends with my colleagues there?
What if I start getting fatter and fatter since I don't do any sport and I keep getting offended and insecure about my body?
What if...

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Here's looking at you kid!

by on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It has been a while since my last post here. Life is getting a little bit crazy recently. Crazy fun I mean. I was living at a village in Kintamani for a month. Then I had to go back to the hospital life after spending time living as a villager, really messed up my mind. The only thing that make me keep on do what I'm doing, no matter how hard, frustrated, and scared I am, is...well, let's just say I don't regret what happened in May 1st 2011 :) 
Anyway, this outfit is ... pretty girly, for me. I saw this cute lace top in Kuala Lumpur in some random store and falling in love at the first sight. No matter how often people told me that I'm such a boy-ish kinda girl, I always feel exactly the opposite.


A day in your life

by on Monday, July 9, 2012

So 2 weeks ago me and my friends went to this fashion show held in Sakala, a fashion show by Dwi Iskandar. First experience for us, we were so excited to attend such an event. It was start from my crazy idea  when I found out about this event when we went to eat ice cream in some store at Jimbaran, exactly one day before the event. And we made it! I'm just so happy my friends were totally enjoy it as much as I do! I didn't bring my camera that night, so below are some pictures taken by my friend with her phone. 

ps: no one like my outer, but somehow I really like it. For me, it adds an "Indonesia look" to my simple boring black dress. And warm.


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